Collecting E-Waste In San Diego

Businesses throughout San Diego County routinely go through a process of modernization of technical and computer equipment. In order to meet the rigorous demands of a global marketplace, companies must continuously invest in faster computers, higher-resolution video monitors and other devices that can increase employee efficiency and overall performance. When companies modernize and upgrade equipment they must also remove out-dated equipment from their facilities. With California law strictly prohibiting the unlawful disposal of electrical waste, San Diego Electronics Recycling can offer the e-waste solution by providing reliable collection of electrical systems such as:

  • scanners
  • cellular phones
  • video monitors
  • lap tops
  • CPUs
  • hard drives
  • computers
  • servers

San Diego Electronics Recycling takes every precaution to carefully collect e-waste, and then utilizes the most basic principles of eco-friendly behaviors: reuse or recycle. After collecting e-waste from a business free of charge, San Diego Electronics Recycling will first try and find other businesses, charities or non-profit organizations that could simply reuse the collected electrical equipment. If the equipment is in poor shape and cannot be reused, San Diego Electronics Recycling will then proceed to safely recycle the potentially hazardous and toxic material and electrical components.

Collection of computers, servers and other business electrical devices is a free service offered exclusively to businesses throughout San Diego County and neighboring areas in Southern California.

With your help combined with the free collection services of San Diego Electrical Recycling, we can work together and contribute to making San Diego County clean and free of hazardous e-waste.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for e-waste pick-up, or to speak with a electrical waste removal specialist about collection.

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