Upgrading your company computer systems? Need to have servers, video monitors or other electrical devices safely collected for proper recycling? San Diego Electronics Recycling has spent years working with both large and small local businesses operating out of beautiful Southern California by collecting their electrical waste in a safe and responsible manner. Let our trained professional experts work together with your business to keep San Diego free of electrical waste!

Created with the philosophy that Southern California could be free of electrical waste for generations to come, San Diego Electronics Recycling has spent countless hours working with local companies to offer professional collection services for e-waste. Offering no-charge collection of electrical systems such as computers, scanners and other equipment, San Diego Electrical Recycling is committed to the responsible gathering and/or recycling of potentially hazardous e-waste.

Regardless if your business is big or small, San Diego Electronics Recycling is devoted to working with your company to remove electrical equipment in a time frame that is flexible to your schedule! Our trained electrical waste management professionals will come to your office facilities on a time that is best suited for you, and load all equipment in a safe and timely manner. These services are offered at no cost to all businesses located in San Diego County and neighboring communities.

If you have questions about e-waste removal or would like to schedule a day for San Diego Electronics l Recycling to come and collect your companies’ old equipment, please send us an email or contact us via phone. Trained electrical waste management technicians are always standing by to assist your business day or night!

Always remember that if we all work together that we can make a positive difference for our local San Diego community!