Make A Donation Today!

Have old computers, scanners or other electronics that are still in working order?

Want to do something positive for your local community while also removing excess clutter?

Donate your computers, external hard drives, video monitors and other working electronics equipment to San Diego Electronics Recycling!

San Diego Electronics Recycling has spent years working with local businesses collecting out-dated computer systems and other electronics equipment. Many times the electronics collected are still in good shape, allowing San Diego Electronics Recycling to find a new home for equipment with non-profit organizations, other local businesses in need or charities that could use technical devices. Electronics collection is absolutely 100% FREE, and a great way to help those in need!

Benefits Of Computer Donation

  • Avoid the hassles of posting ads online and in print for reselling of computer systems
  • Possible eligibility for a tax-deduction
  • Feel good about helping your local community
  • Avoid the haggling process with pushy salespeople over the trade-in value of your old electronics equipment
  • Help the environment by putting electronics into reuse rather than into landfills
  • Safely remove e-waste

Businesses that donate unwanted or out-dated computers and other electronics can make a substantial positive impact on the lives of others. San Diego Electronics Recycling understands and values the generosity exhibited by companies that choose to donate, and therefore makes the computer donation process as easy as possible for businesses that want to give. Businesses interested in donating computers, fax machines, video monitors and any other working electronics equipment can contact San Diego Electronics Recycling to have the eco-friendly company collect all equipment at no cost. San Diego Electronics Recycling will come to any companies’ office, warehouse or other facility, load all equipment and haul the electronics away on a time that is flexible to the business kind enough to make a donation.

By working together, we can all make a positive and meaningful impact on the local San Diego county community.

Thank You For Your HELP!