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Upgrading your company computer systems? Need to have servers, video monitors or other electrical devices safely collected for proper recycling? San Diego Electronics Recycling has spent years working with both large and small local businesses operating out of beautiful Southern California by collecting their electrical waste in a safe and responsible manner. Let our trained professional experts work together with your business to keep San Diego free of electrical waste!

Recycling Tips For The Home

A Simple Way To Recycle

Recycling is something that is vital if we as a global society want to preserve our existence and natural resources. Although many Americans will use their designated colored waste bins for recycling cans and bottles or even recycle household electronics from time to time, many others simply choose not to recycle. Doubtful is it that these people are malicious in their choices, but their choices still result in a unfavorable environmental impact that leaves consequences for everyone. That is why the San Diego Electronics Recycling experts want to share one easy tip to for people that can help make recycling a little easier.

Make Recycling A Daily Habit

Any behavior done consistently on a day-to-day basis is likely to result in long-term positive or negative changes. Recycling paper, plastic, cans and bottles is a positive change that everyone can benefit from, and therefore should try to be done on a daily basis.

Everyday people throw away items that could easily be recycled. These items include empty tubs of butter, potato chip bags, water bottles, cereal boxes, cans of soda and various other common household goods. While people are more likely to recycle cans and bottles due to the financial incentive associated with recycling of those items, plastic an paper recycling is just as important. There is no reason for items with those compositions to be simply thrown into standard trash bins for dumping.

An Easy Way To Recycle

Most homes have a kitchen sink, and under that sink is a cabinet where the pipes of the kitchen sink can be seen. Often times people will use this space to house common cleaners and bleaches. However, this little section is a perfect location to keep plastic bags, empty cereal boxes, used cans of soup and other used food items or products that can be recycled for future use. This also allows the person to only make weekly trips to the recycle can, creating an easier avenue to recycle.

If we all do a little we can all do a lot. Simple daily life changes will help  make the process of recycling easier, and those steps can make the transition easier for each home and family.

Finding a Recycle Center

If you have items that require recycling, but are not electronic waste, then you should find a qualified local recycling center in your area. Recycling Center Near Me is a great resource for locating recycling facilities nearby.

Video Describing Tire Recycling

Recycling does not only apply to paper, plastics and electronics. In fact, many items are now being recycled, something that is helping keep the environment green and free of waste and pollutants. One item that many people may not think about being recycled is the everyday automobile tire. When people go to their local tire shop to get new tires they rarely ever think about where their used tires are going. In the above video, a child narrates the process of what happens when old automobile tires are removed from a car and sent through a process of recycling! The video is an informative glimpse of something that happens every single day, and one of the many ways some tire companies are helping the environment!

How Electronics Are Recycled In San Diego

Keeping Electronics Out Of Landfills

After a business or person contacts a electronics collection company and has equipment such as computers or video monitors picked-up, what happens next?

How is electrical equipment recycled?

Are computers, hard drives, scanners, video monitors and other electronics devices simply tossed into landfills?

When it comes to the more common items recycled, such as aluminum cans, the items do not require any form of separation or sorting. Since the cans are composed of a single material (aluminum), recycling facilities have a easy time taking the material and placing the recycled product into recirculation. Unfortunately, e-waste is not composed of a single material like how aluminum cans are, making the recycling process much more complex.

The Process Of Recycling E-Waste

Computers and other electrical devices are composed of various electrical components, including copper, gold, alloy, titanium and other metals. Since many of these components can be hazardous for the environment, electrical recycling companies want to do everything possible to make certain e-waste avoids life at a landfill. Companies such as San Diego Electronics Recycling understand that the most environmentally-friendly solution for e-waste and electrical devices is to reuse as much of the products or components as possible. Therefore, if the electronics product as a whole is still functioning and capable of being a beneficial tool for a local charity or other organization, San Diego Electronics Recycling will take every measure to find the computer, scanner or other gadget a new home. When electrical equipment such as computers and televisions are not salvageable, the tiny components that have value are reused in an alternative capacity or sold as scrap. Read the rest of this entry

Why Recycle E-Waste?

San Diego Residents Talk Electronics Recycling

People in Southern California have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to measures that focus on sustaining a clean environment. Through the California Redemption Value (CRV) programs, many residents began to see the value of recycling used bottles and cans. They saw that through the process of recycling, a financial reward could be obtained.

The cash initiative program was an instant success that statistics show led to the recycling of over 250 billion bottles and cans beverage containers since the programs debut in the late 1980s.

The majority of people understand the importance of recycling, whether it be to access a financial gain or simply help in efforts to maintain a more environmentally friendly world for everyone. However, one of the forms of recycling that  often times gets overlooked, and when not conducted can have a more substantial negative impact on the environment, is proper recycling of e-waste. Read the rest of this entry

Computer Collection Company

Tracking System Direct Goes Green

Headquartered in Riverside County in the city of Temecula, California, Tracking System Direct has been at the forefront of GPS vehicle management technology. Working closely with both Fortune 500 companies in need of fleet management devices and parents of teenagers in search for a tool to enhance teen driving safety, Tracking System Direct has became the online resource for anyone interested in GPS tracking systems. Recently, the GPS distributor wanted to transition away from Microsoft personal computer systems that seemed to always be glitchy and upgrade to Apple computers. After the initial investment, the GPS fleet tracking company realized that they needed to have the old Microsoft computers and accessories collected for proper removal since state law strictly prohibits the unlawful disposal of electronics. That was when Tracking System Direct contacted San Diego Electronics Recycling.

When Tracking System Direct was researching the different electronics collection companies in the local area they quickly realized the benefits of working with San Diego Electronics Recycling. What made the e-waste removal company stand out from other local recycling companies was that they would come to the Tracking System Direct corporate headquarters and gather all of the old computer systems at no cost to the GPS company. What was even cooler was that San Diego Electronics Recycling would simply strip the computers, breaking them down into potentially hazardous components for e-recycle, but that they would first work diligently in the local community to find a suitor willing to simply reuse the computers. Some company or charity that could really benefit from the older computer systems, and that could use them to make a positive impact. Read the rest of this entry

Local Computer Pick-Up

Photographer Chooses Collection Over Resale

It is said that small businesses are the driving force of the economy. Although  being a small business owner can result in flexible hours and scheduling, it can also come with uncertainty and long hours without financial gain. No small business owner understands this more than a professional photographer.

Professional photographers have to conduct their own marketing, build a website, photo blog, invest in camera gear, lighting equipment, external hard drives and high-powered computer systems. They need to meet clients, capture timeless photographs and edit for hours. Since digital photographers spend so much time in front of a computer monitor conducting business, they often go through an upgrade process every few years. One local Temecula wedding photography company that recently upgraded their external hard drives and iMac computers was Rock this Moment Photography, and they contacted San Diego Electronics Recycling to collect the electronics equipment.

“Living through the digital web world is something that all of us professional wedding and portrait photographers do on a daily basis”, explained the owner of Rock This Moment Photography. “Since operating online is such a large component of the daily grind, professional photographers understand the value of having ultra-fast CPUs, digital printers and computer systems. When Rock This Moment recently with through the process of upgrading equipment, we contacted San Diego Electronics Recycling to collect a number of old scanners, external hard drives and iMac computer systems. What was so great about the electronics collection company was that they hauled the equipment away at no cost, and we’re able to give the equipment to a local non-profit organization that could be the equipment into a positive use.” Read the rest of this entry

GPS Company Recycles

GPS Tracker Shop Recycles Computers & Servers

When people think of GPS technology they typically think about the navigational devices used for routing and directions. However, many people would be surprised to learn that one of the fastest growing markets for GPS satellite technology is GPS tracking. One company based out of the northern end of San Diego County understands this better than anyone because they have spent years distributing GPS fleet tracking and vehicle tracking devices to businesses, consumers and law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California and the global marketplace. The company is called GPS Tracker Shop, and they recently contacted San Diego Electronics Recycling to collect various computer systems and servers for proper removal.

GPS Tracker Shop is a local San Diego company that offers both passive trackers and real-time GPS trackers for personal surveillance, fleet management and teen driving safety. Although the company began as a small operation, when demand grew for GPS tracking equipment for business oversight due to the rise in fuel costs, the business quickly grew into one of the most popular GPS vehicle management solution companies in all of California. With that increase in demand came the need to increase efficiency of operations.

“Once we out grew our current business model and needed to service a much more dense community of global clients we realized that it was necessary to upgrade all servers and computers”, explained the President of Operations for GPS Tracker Shop. “The only dilemma we faced was identifying a local company that could collect our old computers and servers that would no longer be utilized, and do so in a cost-effective fashion. When we found San Diego Electronics Recycling online they explained to us that they would collect our out-dated equipment and either reuse or recycle the devices. They provided this service for free, and collected the old computers and servers on a time that fit our schedule. We could not have been more pleased with their professionalism and quality of service.” Read the rest of this entry