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When people think of GPS technology they typically think about the navigational devices used for routing and directions. However, many people would be surprised to learn that one of the fastest growing markets for GPS satellite technology is GPS tracking. One company based out of the northern end of San Diego County understands this better than anyone because they have spent years distributing GPS fleet tracking and vehicle tracking devices to businesses, consumers and law enforcement agencies throughout Southern California and the global marketplace. The company is called GPS Tracker Shop, and they recently contacted San Diego Electronics Recycling to collect various computer systems and servers for proper removal.

GPS Tracker Shop is a local San Diego company that offers both passive trackers and real-time GPS trackers for personal surveillance, fleet management and teen driving safety. Although the company began as a small operation, when demand grew for GPS tracking equipment for business oversight due to the rise in fuel costs, the business quickly grew into one of the most popular GPS vehicle management solution companies in all of California. With that increase in demand came the need to increase efficiency of operations.

“Once we out grew our current business model and needed to service a much more dense community of global clients we realized that it was necessary to upgrade all servers and computers”, explained the President of Operations for GPS Tracker Shop. “The only dilemma we faced was identifying a local company that could collect our old computers and servers that would no longer be utilized, and do so in a cost-effective fashion. When we found San Diego Electronics Recycling online they explained to us that they would collect our out-dated equipment and either reuse or recycle the devices. They provided this service for free, and collected the old computers and servers on a time that fit our schedule. We could not have been more pleased with their professionalism and quality of service.”

GPS Tracker Shop contacted San Diego Electronics Recycling because the company emphasized reuse of electrical equipment before recycling. That basically means that the collector of e-waste first makes numerous efforts to transition older computer systems and electronics into the hands of local companies, organizations and charities in need of the items. This is the most effective way of keeping the electrical equipment intact instead of broken down into potentially hazardous fragments for recycle.

San Diego Electronics Recycling would like to thank GPS Tracker Shop for their efforts to help keep the Southern California community free of e-waste. Proper disposal and collection of electrical equipment is something that can be done without hassle or cost to a business. Businesses must understand how vital it is to work with local collection and recycling centers dedicated to the proper management of e-waste, such as San Diego Electronics Recycling. Through this joint effort, we can all keep San Diego free of toxic and hazardous electrical waste for many years to come.

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