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Tracking System Direct Goes Green

Headquartered in Riverside County in the city of Temecula, California, Tracking System Direct has been at the forefront of GPS vehicle management technology. Working closely with both Fortune 500 companies in need of fleet management devices and parents of teenagers in search for a tool to enhance teen driving safety, Tracking System Direct has became the online resource for anyone interested in GPS tracking systems. Recently, the GPS distributor wanted to transition away from Microsoft personal computer systems that seemed to always be glitchy and upgrade to Apple computers. After the initial investment, the GPS fleet tracking company realized that they needed to have the old Microsoft computers and accessories collected for proper removal since state law strictly prohibits the unlawful disposal of electronics. That was when Tracking System Direct contacted San Diego Electronics Recycling.

When Tracking System Direct was researching the different electronics collection companies in the local area they quickly realized the benefits of working with San Diego Electronics Recycling. What made the e-waste removal company stand out from other local recycling companies was that they would come to the Tracking System Direct corporate headquarters and gather all of the old computer systems at no cost to the GPS company. What was even cooler was that San Diego Electronics Recycling would simply strip the computers, breaking them down into potentially hazardous components for e-recycle, but that they would first work diligently in the local community to find a suitor willing to simply reuse the computers. Some company or charity that could really benefit from the older computer systems, and that could use them to make a positive impact.

“As a company, in terms of liability, you always want to dispose of unwanted electrical equipment in a way that meets and exceeds legal obligation”, explained a personal GPS tracking specialist for Tracking System Direct. “However, we also really wanted to have the computer systems collected by an e-waste recycling company that would make an effort to give that equipment to a local organization in need of the electrical equipment. Someone or some company that could really benefit from it. Not to mention, the fact they would do all of this and collect the Microsoft computer equipment for free made choosing San Diego Electronics Recycling a no-brainer.”

Companies in Riverside County or San Diego County in need of a fast, professional and reliable local solution to the safe removal of their electrical waste can contact San Diego Electronics Recycling for a free no-obligation consultation to learn more about how the company reuses and recycles computers and other e-waste.

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